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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2330-v1 QC Verification Report: EMI.emi-ui - 3.1.0 Ruben Diez-Lazaro Software Provisioning
24 Oct 2014
2257-v1 DCH-RP D5.4 Report on the second Proofs of Concept Michel Drescher DCH-WP5
30 Jun 2014
1935-v13 D5.3 – Report on first Proof of Concept Michel Drescher et al. DCH-WP5
14 Oct 2013
1962-v3 DCH-RP WP5 PoC Scenario 1.2, 1.4 - e-CSG on Grid storage Giovanni Ciccaglioni et al. DCH-WP5
09 Oct 2013
1975-v1 DCH-RP WP5 PoC Scenario 1.1 Report Rosette Vandenbroucke DCH-WP5
08 Oct 2013
1952-v1 DCH-RP WP5 PoC Scenario 1.6 - IBM Tivoli Server Management Andres Uueni DCH-WP5
21 Sep 2013
1699-v11 Material for testing scenario 2.4 Eva Toller DCH-WP5
19 Aug 2013
1892-v3 Proof of Concept phase 1 reporting template Michel Drescher DCH-WP5
12 Aug 2013
1765-v10 Work Progress for scenario 2.4 (internal) Eva Toller DCH-WP5
08 Aug 2013
1697-v12 Material for testing scenario 1.3 Eva Toller DCH-WP5
08 Aug 2013
1722-v17 Work Progress for scenario 1.3 (internal) Eva Toller DCH-WP5
08 Aug 2013
1698-v15 Material for testing scenario 2.2 Eva Toller DCH-WP5
07 Aug 2013
1764-v11 Work Progress for scenario 2.2 (internal) Eva Toller DCH-WP5
07 Aug 2013
1677-v3 DCH-RP: Proofs of Concept Scenarios Michel Drescher DCH-WP3
16 Jul 2013
1802-v3 Suggested e-infrastructures for scenarios 1.3, 2.2, and 2.4 Eva Toller DCH-WP5
24 Jun 2013
1797-v2 Inventory of Swedish cloud providers Eva Toller DCH-WP5
14 Jun 2013
1776-v1 Test data description for scenario 2.2, restricted use Eva Toller DCH-WP5
27 May 2013
1602-v3 DCH-RP mapping to EGI NGIs and RPs Michel Drescher DCH-WP5
22 Mar 2013
1544-v7 D5.1 - Technical Plan for DCH-RP proofs of concept Michel Drescher DCH-WP5
01 Feb 2013
1556-v1 D5.1 Review material Michel Drescher DCH-RP
28 Jan 2013

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