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EGI-Engage M6.1 EGI training plan

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(This document is EGI-Engage milestone M6.1 Joint training program for the first period is agreed )

The EGI-Engage project provides foundational training services and coordination to training activities across the whole EGI collaboration. The main goal of this activity is to operate a framework that enables members of EGI community as well as external partners to effectively create, deliver, share, reuse and benefit from training services in the context of e-infrastructures and e-science. The prime objective is to provide ‘glue’ and also facilitation for training activities conducted by Competence Centres, National Grid Initiatives and partner projects (including e-infrastructure and Research Infrastructures), maximising the effectiveness and impact of training across countries and communities. This is achieved in EGI-Engage by providing e-infrastructure services, data, software and other online resources, modules, a marketplace and webinar tools for trainers and trainees, and by organising and contributing to the organisation of high-impact training events.
This milestone document defines the EGI training plans for the first 12 months of EGI-Engage (March 2015-Feb 2016), describing the structure and timeline for establishing the training framework, and for utilising it within EGI-Engage and partner projects for specific training purposes. This document is a formal milestone delivered to the European Commission in May 2015 and will be regularly updated until the next formal release (May 2016) based on feedback from the EGI community.

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