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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated Status
2887-v4 MoU between Terradue and the EGI Foundation Yannick Legre
Strategy and Policy
25 Jul 2018 DRAFT
3340-v1 MoU Helix Nebula Market Place Yannick Legre
Strategy and Policy
13 Jul 2018 FINAL
3012-v1 EGI presentation at BDVA Summit - 2016 Yannick Legre EGI
28 Dec 2016 FINAL
151-v4 Executive Board Terms of Reference Yannick Legre Council
Executive Board
14 Nov 2016 FINAL
152-v4 EGI Council Terms of Reference Yannick Legre Council
14 Nov 2016 FINAL
18-v4 statutes Yannick Legre et al.
08 Mar 2016 FINAL
2539-v3 EGI-Engage M1.1 EGI-Engage Execution Plan Tiziana Ferrari et al. EGI-Engage-AMB
10 Feb 2016 FINAL
2649-v2 EC Concertation meeting - Nov. 9, 2015 - International Cooperation (INCO) Yannick Legre Strategy and Policy
11 Nov 2015 FINAL
2417-v17 EGI Strategy - 2015-2020 Sergio Andreozzi et al. Council
10 Sep 2015 FINAL
2173-v1 MoU between EGI and IHEP Yannick Legre None
08 Apr 2014 FINAL

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