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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
120-v11 User Community Board (UCB) - Terms of Reference Sergio Andreozzi et al. UCB
27 Nov 2018
3139-v1 Engagement Working Group - Terms of reference Gergely Sipos User Engagement and Support
08 Jun 2017
2957-v1 EGI Cloud Technology Coordination Board (TCB-Cloud) - Terms of Reference (ToR) Enol Fernandez del Castillo TCB
02 Nov 2016
117-v15 Operations Management Board (OMB) - Terms of Reference Peter Solagna Operations
31 Mar 2016
119-v13 Security Coordination Group (SCG) - Terms of Reference Tiziana Ferrari SCG
29 Mar 2016
109-v22 Technology Coordination Board (TCB) - Terms of Reference Steven Newhouse TCB
29 Mar 2016
2374-v11 EGI Services and Solutions Board (SSB) - Terms of Reference (ToR) Sy Holsinger EGI
28 Sep 2015
63-v13 Terms of Reference (TOR) for policy groups Template Sergio Andreozzi et al. EGI
Strategy and Policy
17 Sep 2015
1618-v4 UMD Release Team (URT) – Terms Of Reference Michel Drescher et al. EGI
Executive Board
20 Aug 2013
1472-v6 Scientific Review Committee (SRC) - Terms Of Reference Damir Marinovic Council
03 Jul 2013
108-v11 Software Vulnerability Group (SVG) - Terms of Reference Linda Cornwall None
13 Sep 2012
64-v16 Security Policy Group (SPG) - Terms of Reference David Kelsey None
21 Nov 2011
121-v10 User Services Advisory Group (USAG) - Terms of Reference Gergely Sipos None
21 Jan 2011
103-v18 Operational Tools Advisory Group (OTAG) - Terms of Reference Daniele Cesini None
10 Jan 2011
123-v12 Operations Automation Team (OAT) – Terms of Reference Tiziana Ferrari None
10 Jan 2011
170-v8 MS104: External Advisory Committee Steven Newhouse EGI-InSPIRE
10 Jan 2011
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